Things to keep in mind when developing your website for the Cambodian market

1.1 Internet Speed


You know those really cool websites with tons of video’s and imagery and very cool animations? Yeah, well forget about that here in Cambodia. Your website is the perfect way of introducing your company to your clients and potential clients.  Most of your clientele will be on a relatively slow internet line – having all these gimmicks on your site will translate to a very long loading time for your webpage.

You would not lay a brick in front of your shop door to make it harder for people to come in – so also make sure your website is easy to load.


1.2 Don’t forget mobile


The young population of Cambodia access the internet via mobile devices. Make sure that your websites displays well on mobile devices and ensure its responsiveness. Depending on your target market, developing a mobile site might very well be an investment you earn back easily.


1.3  Cold hard cash


Online shopping has conquered the Western World – but in a Cambodia where credit cards, Paypal and other online payment methods are not available (yet)– cash is the way to go. So when designing your web shop – ensure you have a convenient way for customer to pay (for example on delivery) OR ensure that your website has the information on it so your customer can find you. For example, a good map and clear instructions on locations.


1.4 Just having a website is not enough


You have a great business concept – so all you need to do is have your website developed and then you can just sit back and let the website do the work. Well the problem with this is that there are around 51 million website…. That were Launched in 2012. The total estimate today runs around 650 million websites in total. Having a successful business online is defiantly a very real possibility – it just take a lot of care and work – just like a real life business.

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