Things to keep in mind when advertising in Cambodia

A few years ago – THE way to reach the largest audience in Cambodia was via TV advertisement. However, Cambodia is a young country  where most people have a limited amount of privacy. Whereas in the west, 7 out of 10 teens with expendable income have their own TV in their room and watch their own programs. Females and males have their own distinctive programming and the ability to watch their own programs – here, watching TV is more a communal experience … meaning you get great exposure for your TV advertisement – but targeting is very difficult.

The communication tool of today is the mobile phone. A large majority of the people with expandable income have a smart phone – and spend a large amount of time on them. This is great news for companies with a limited budget – mobile advertising campaigns in various forms are achievable for almost any budget, whereas TV commercials are only in reach of the big boys.

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