The three most important things to consider when you brand your business in Cambodia

  1. 1. Just OK is not good enough anymore!

Although the advertising industry in Cambodia, in general, as deemed by many, still described as “unsophisticated” – the times are changing. A professional look and clear targeted advertising is starting to be a requirement for any business wanting to be successful.  The best evidence of this is that there is a lack of quality market data available – all business have to go on is their own sales figures. This is not a sophisticated way of looking at brand value – but it does have a very direct impact on you as a business owner. Have a look around and see what companies are flourishing and how their branding looks.

So be price conscious and decide what you need for your company. Not every company launching will need a brand standard guidebook, website with web shop, TVC’s etc., but whatever you do – make sure it is good.

Quality is a requirement these days, not an option.



  1. 2. Babylonian issues

When choosing your branding and company name double check translations/names /branding. Make sure they are suitable for both the Khmer market and the Expat market.

The Joy guesthouse might be appealing to a western audience – but it will lead to quite a few giggles in the local community. And in reverse although the literal translation for shop is “selling all kind off” it is not a translation that works.

Make sure it is easy for people to understand what you sell.

3. Know who you are speaking to

Your brand is the personality of your company – and not that of yourself.  This might sounds simple but especially with small to medium sized start-up this can be a stumble block. The owner is the driving force behind the operation and with his or her passion makes or breaks the company. So when choosing a logo and brand – what matters most is what they like right? Wrong, very wrong.

Think about who your customers are – and who they like to talk (buy) to. So you are opening a biker bar? Keep your passion for Disney figures away from your branding. You are opening a day care center? Keep your life long collection of tattoo’s, piercings and leather at home.

Any successful brand is about the customer – not about you.

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