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Urban Design Studio Privacy Policy

We may ask you for personal information about yourself for a variety of reasons including to enable us to provide you with the goods or services that you require and to assist us in carrying on our business. The personal information may include your name, current address, telephone/mobile number and email address. We take all possible steps to ensure that such information is not disclosed to or accessed by unauthorised persons or abused in any way.

We manage personal information provided to us by abiding with the International Privacy Principles and are committed to ensuring that the collection, retention, use and disclosure of such personal information complies with all applicable legal requirements and that there is no act or practice that would be deemed to be an interference with your privacy. Please note the following:


Why do we collect this personal information?

If you are applying for a job with us, your personal information will enable us to ascertain whether you satisfy our requirements for the position. We may also use this information to identify you or to enable us to address your expectations of us in respect of how we conduct our business. It will not be added to a mailing list nor used for any other purpose without obtaining your prior consent.


What are the consequences if you do not provide the personal information?

If you do not provide your personal information we may not be able to provide the goods or services you require eg. we will not be able to process your information request, application for employment, enter you in a competition you have applied for or identify you. In other words, the business to be conducted between us will not be possible or will be severely hampered.


Who do we give your personal information to?

We do not give your personal information to third parties without your prior consent. The only exceptions to this are when we are required to disclose the information by law or to protect our rights, safety or property. When we have to send your personal information to contractors to do work on our behalf, we will not permit them to use your information beyond what is necessary to assist us and wherever possible they will be required to provide a confidentiality undertaking to protect your personal information.


Can you gain access to your personal information?

If you would like details of the personal information that we may hold about you in order to update it or for any other reason please forward a written request to We may ask you to complete a PERSONAL INFORMATION REQUEST FORM. We generally will not charge you a fee in respect of such access but reasonable administrative costs may be charged in some circumstances. You will be required to satisfy identity validation procedures to prove that you and the individual requesting the personal information are one and the same. Please note that the law provides some exceptions when we do not have to give you access to your personal information.


What can you do if you have a complaint?

If you are not happy in respect of how we have dealt with your personal information or in gaining access to it, you should contact one of our Directors at Urban Design Studio to discuss your concerns.


How to contact us:

Urban Design Studio Limited

Studio 2, No. 21, Street 214

Phnom Penh, Cambodia