corporate social responsibility

Environment | Community Service

Urban Design Studio believes that all individuals, corporations and other bodies need to actively be involved in the conservation of our environment and the growth and well-being of society. Being a member of the Cambodian community, we believe that we need to play an active role in enhancing the lifestyle of the community in general and to ensure the sustainability of the natural environment surrounding us.


As such, Urban Design Studio has built an “Environmental and Community Service” policy and ethos into our business planning process and accordingly, we embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship and are committed to integrating leading environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy.


Many projects will be looked at to ensure that Urban Design Studio is playing its part in enhancing environmental practices and the community in general.


Cambodian Federation of Rugby (CFR)

Urban Design Studio has had a long relationship with the Cambodian Federation of Rugby, supporting their events and programs by providing graphic design and marketing services at no charge. We have provided sponsored branding and artwork for their annual Gala Dinner which raised over $8,000 for the Cambodia Rugby Youth Development Program which is currently working with over 700 children in Phnom Penh to give them access to a fantastic team sport.


If you would like to assist in this cause, please visit the Cambodia Federation of Rugby website: