branding and logo development

We offer creative and functional logo and branding services for new and existing businesses. A strong and well-targeted brand is more than just a logo … it is an overall positioning of your company or business operation. A successful brand is about visual communication and customer recognition. Customers remember companies that have a strong brand identity and are more likely to return and spend a higher amount with them.


Urban Design Studio’s branding services start with research and market analysis to ensure we provide the branding you need. Due to our comprehensive understanding of the Cambodian and South East Asian markets, we make sure we that your brand is unique and portrays an image for your business that communicates clearly to your customers what you want them to know about your business.


Aside from starting with an initial concept, we are equally experienced in re-branding existing companies and organisations. Whether it is simply a tweak to bring an old logo up to date, or a whole new image for when your company is taking a new direction, Urban Design Studio can assist with your needs. The development of a brand manual is also an essential tool to ensure that your message is consistent and recognisable.