About Us – Urban Design Studio

Urban Design Studio is a team of creative professionals located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, specialising in branding, graphic design and website design and development. The core of our work is determining where the value lies for you. From there, our graphic designers and website developers focus on delivering graphic design and web development products that have a positive impact on your business. Urban Design Studio combines quality and functionality with affordability.


We have extensive experience working with local and international clients from Europe, Australia and the wider Asian region and have undertaken assignments for many industries such as power generation, fashion, food product branding, hotels and resorts, telecommunications, tourism, restaurants and bars, retail, construction, legal and many others.


In the current competitive environment, a strong branding of your product or service is essential to win market share and ensure that you are “top of mind” to the customer you are targeting. Urban Design Studio can provide you with the necessary branding, web presence, customised booking engines, marketing collateral and other graphic design and communication tools and services that you may need.


To learn more about us, please contact us at enquiry@urbandesign.asia for a meeting or discussion without any obligation to see what Urban Design Studio can do for your business or organisation.


A Member of Urban Hospitality Group